Each Silk contains data on a specific topic.

Anyone can explore a Silk and create interactive visualizations.
Add your data

You can do it manually or via a spreadsheet upload. Either way, it’s easy to get your data into Silk.

45 second video

Watch a short video about uploading your info

Explore your data

Once added to Silk, your data is easy to navigate and fun to browse.

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Watch a short video about navigating a Silk

Bring your data to life

Using Silk’s visualization tools, you can make your data understandable and beautiful.

Build interactive maps, charts, and more in a few clicks.

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Watch a short video about Silk's visualization tools

Collaborate & share

Invite anyone to edit and publish data to a Silk. Then share your Silk … with a small team or the entire world.

Enough to get you started?
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Use cases
Make documents interactive
Tired of sending out the same old static PDFs, spreadsheets or links from Google Docs?

Use Silk to make a fully interactive site that engages users and encourages them to play with your data.
Embed interactive data anywhere & everywhere
Take your Silk visualizations and use them all over the web. Embed them in Tumblr, WordPress, and many other publishing platforms.

Price-comparison charts. Interactive salary databases. A Shakespeare data widget. There are endless use-cases!
Showcase works of art and design
Organize image or video galleries using a thumbnail grid for easy browsing.

Add tags to make your work sortable by medium, style, or any category you choose. By adding location data, you can also build maps. It’s a great portfolio tool!

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