Why does each Silk Datacard need a unique title?

The title of a datacard serves as the unique identifier for Silk. So each datacard needs a unique title in order to be properly recognized by Silk's visualization and indexing engines. This means that you cannot have two datacards titled "John Smith" or "Chicago"

If you are creating Silk datacards with the spreadsheet importer, Silk works best if each datacard title is unique.  

If your spreadsheet does have duplicate values in the column you want to use for the datacard titles, the importer gives you the option to disambiguate datacard names by combining 2 columns. For example, this lets you combine a ‘name’ and ‘year’ column, so ‘John Doe’ becomes ‘John Doe (1982)’.

If you choose not to disambiguate, then Silk will automatically add a random number to duplicate datacard titles to ensure that each title is unique. However, this will only appear in the URL of the datacard and will not appear in the "Title" in the body of the datacard.