What is pinning?

Pinning is a feature that allows you to add a recurring widget across all Datacards in a collection.

To pin a static widget (such as a text, image, video, visualization), follow these steps:

  • Click on the "+" sign, and add either a Content widget (text, image, video, etc.) or a visualization
  • Click on the pin icon next to element
  • Done! Your widget is now pinned across all Datacards of this collection

Pinning a dynamic widget: automatic filtering

You can pin a visualization that filters for the value of a fact on each of your datacards. In other words, you can 

  • Click on "+" sign, and choose a visualization, such as a column chart (in the example used)
  • Use the left filters menu and choose a filter for the visualization. Here, we want to visualize the ranking of champagne prices, specific to each champagne's country
  • Click on "This Page's Country"
  • Done! Now, every Datacard will show the price ranking for champagnes specific to that Datacard country.