Use Google Sheets Sync with IFTTT and Zapier

With Google Sheets Sync you can sync a Sheet to a datacard collection in your Silk. This opens the door for some great automation options. Tools like Zapier and IFTTT can pull in data from various sources, and drop it into your Google Sheet. And by connecting that sheet to your datacard collection, your Silk can become an automatically updated data story.

The possibilities with these tools are endless: you can pull in Instagram photos with a certain tags (as per our example), pull in Twitter followers, enter your latest weight from your WiFi bathroom scale, and much more. Here are just some ideas taken from IFTTT’s Sheets recipe page:

  • Track your work hours in a private Silk
  • List all your Discover Weekly Spotify tracks
  • Save popular Today I Learned Reddit posts
  • Automatically archive your Foursquare checkins
  • Embed Soundcloud songs you’ve liked on your Silk

Find out how to connect an automation tool like IFTTT and Zapier below. I use IFTTT as an example, but Zapier works about the same.

Prepare your spreadsheet

If you already know the nature of the data that is going to placed in your Google Sheet, you can set up your sheet first. This lets you create good column titles that will be fact labels in your Silk.

Make sure your first row contains your column titles. In my example, I made a sheet with Date, Username, Hashtags, URL, and Image URL as column titles. I want to create a Silk with Instagram photos with the hashtag Spuistraat, which is the street in Amsterdam where the Silk HQ is located.

Set up your recipe

Sign up for an IFTTT account (or Zapier account) if you haven’t already, and connect the services you want to use. For inspirations on Recipes, see all user-made recipes that use Google Sheets.

In my example I connected my Instagram and Google Sheets account. I found a ready-made recipe called ‘Instagram Hashtag to Google Sheets’, and made one adjustment so that the Image URL would be a plain-text URL for Silk to recognize it. In IFTTT, you can use three pipe symbols (|||) to specify columns.

Test the recipe and check your Sheet

Make sure the recipe doesn’t contain any mistakes, and read the fine print about how the tool will poll for changes. Not all services support the same level of integration, so this step could be a bit of trial and error. Do a test run with the recipe, and check to see if the resulting Google Sheet doesn’t contain any errors.

Note: There could be limits on how large your Sheet can be. IFTTT for example fills a Sheet up to 2000 rows, and then creates a new Sheet.

Sync your Silk with the Sheet

Now, all you have to do is go to your dashboard, click ‘Google Sheet’ under ‘New collection’, and setup a sync with your Sheet.