Use the explore bar

If you ever clicked the search icon on top of a Silk page, you know it’s a bit different than a normal search bar. Searching will not only give you matching datacards and pages, but collections and tags with matching content as well. 

This lets you quickly prod your data for specific answers. Lets say you want to know which countries still have a communist regime. If you type in ‘com’ on the Countries of the World site, you see this:

Not only do you see datacards that have ‘com’ in the title, you instantly get offered to explore datacards that have tags called ‘Government type’ with ‘Communist state’ as its value. If you hit enter, you immediately get a table where all tags are filtered properly.

You can also search within collections from the explore bar. When you search for ‘region’ on Countries of the World, you can hit a right arrow on ‘Explore table of region tags’ to dig down. 

Now you can enter ‘europe’ and hit enter to get a table with datacards matching that term for their ‘region’ tag.

Here is an embed of the resulting table:

Data from

What is great about using the explore bar is that you can immediately see whether a certain tag is in the site or not. You can try out terms until you get a nice table. From there, it’s easy to filter the table further if you want to and switch to other visualizations.