How to use the bookmarklet

The Silk bookmarklet lets you add a page to your Silk with a few clicks. It will automatically create a ‘Source’ tag with the URL of the page, and offers an image picker where you can choose to import an image from the page to your Silk datacard.

Install the bookmarklet

The Silk bookmarklet lets you add any web page to your Silk site with one click. Using the bookmarklet is the fastest way to create your press room. Go to ‘bookmarklet’ in your Silk settings (via the Dashboard), pick a collection to save to, and drag the button to your browsers bookmarks bar.

Use the bookmarklet to add a page to your Silk from the web.

Go to a web page you want to add to your Silk. Click the bookmarklet. An overlay appears. In the overlay you can enter tags and values.

Adding pages this way also has some special features. Click any image found on the source page to add it to your Silk. You can also paste text from the source page into the Silk by selecting it on the source page before you click the bookmarklet. Want to move back and forth between the web page and your Silk to add information? Click the menu icon on the top right.

Important: the bookmarklet is active while you are on the web page. If you go to another web page, you will lose the information you have entered.

Save your new Silk datacard

Once you are done entering information, hit the save button. You will see a confirmation message get a link to your new datacard. You can create bookmarklets for as many collections and Silk sites as you like.