Pinning dynamic widgets across datacards

You can pin a widget to occur on all Datacards of a collection. A widget can be static (like a map), but it can also use the value of existent tags of the Datacard. This is really handy for team datacards and twitter widgets, Youtube videos, or other media where you can find the URL in the fact values of your datacards.

To show a Twitter widget for each person on a datacard, make sure each datacard has a tag like 'Twitter username'. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Add a Twitter widget on one of the datacards
  2. Type in the Twitter username of this person, that's also in the fact sheet ('@jurb' for example).
  3. The Twitter widget will be automatically pinned, you can check with the pin icon next to the widget
  4. Now you can go to another Datacard, in this case, another team member, and refresh the datacard. The Twitter timeline now uses the value of the 'Twitter Username' tag on that page.

Use the same principle for Youtube videos (where you would need a 'Video' tag with URLs to Youtube videos as values), or other media.

The video below shows a slightly outdated progress of this, but might still he helpful: