Layouts and sections

You can add sections to pages in 3 different colors, with 5 different column configurations.

How do I use this?

  • Edit your home page or another page on your Silk
  • Use the green + icon to add a new section
  • Pick a column configuration
  • Pick a color
  • Click ‘create’

Once you created a new section, it will appear on your page with placeholder for where the content goes. You can add text, images, and visualizations by clicking the + icons. You can also drag and drop existing elements on the page onto the placeholders of your new section.

To remove a section, use the red X. Silk will ask you to confirm, and you can undo this action with the undo arrow in the formatting bar (or by pressing '⌘ + z' on Mac or 'Ctrl + z' on Windows or Linux).

To just change the color of the section, use the round color icon to do so.

Note about dynamic datacards

Any change you make on a datacard (moving around elements or changing a section's background color) is reflected on all datacards in that collection. Learn more about dynamic datacard templates.