How to format locations

Silk uses the Google Maps API to find locations, so the values of your location tag can be 'normal' addresses that Google Maps can understand.

Silk can accept a variety of combinations of plain-text mapping information. For example:

  • USA = map pin plots to the center of the USA
  • California, USA or CA, USA = map pin plots to the center of California, USA
  • San Francisco, California USA = map pin plots to the center of San Francisco, California USA
  • 156 Second Street, San Francisco, CA = map plots to the specific address on Second Street in San Francisco
  • 94941, California = map plots to this zip code in California
  • Lat, Long = map plots to exact Lat-Long location

To use coordinates, include both coordinates in one value. Separate the two coordinates with a comma, like this: '52.37306°, 4.89222°' or like this (without degree symbols) '52.37306, 4.89222').

No conversion is required in Silk for coordinates uploaded in a 'Degrees decimal minutes' or 'Degrees minutes seconds' format. Silk will recognize DD / DMS formats with a space or comma separator in between the coordinates.

You can learn more about the map visualization in general, or read about how to prepare a spreadsheet for import into Silk.