Grids and Mosaics

This Silk tutorial teaches you everything you need to know about the Grid and Mosaic visualization.

The grid visualization displays images side by side, with an optional description below each image. Grids are a nice way to display collections with a limited amount of pages with images on them. The mosaic visualization is the same as the grid visualization, but shows more and smaller images, with less room for text.

In the following video we create a grid on Bellingcat Vehicles, a Silk dedicated to tracking military vehicles in the Ukraine conflict. We add more tags to display underneath the images, and filter for the type of vehicle. We also create a mosaic with state leaders and coats of arms on the Countries of the World Silk.

Filtering your charts

Click on the ‘Add filter’ button to filter your data.

You can filter your results by text, values that occur often, ranges, and more. Either type the filters into the pre-set filter boxes or click the ‘Add filter’ button and select a new filter from the available tags.

For more information, see the help article on filtering.

Share and embed visualization#

A sharing button is located above every Silk visualization, and on every explore page.

You can share the visualization on Twitter or Facebook. The share link will take people to the exact same page and visualization view that was showing when you clicked the ‘Share’ button.

You can also embed a visualization on your website or blog. Click ‘Share’ then click on the ‘Embed’ button. Copy the embed code to your clipboard. Paste the code into the editor for your website or blog.