Filter widgets to show results from another collection

Dynamic widgets are great for automatically embedding Twitter timelines and videos, but you can also use this functionality to show results from other collections in your Silk.

Lets look at the Solar System Silk as an example. This Silk has a ‘Planet’ and ‘Moon’ collection. By using the pinning option, we are going to put a grid on each planet datacard, showing the moons of that planet. The video below shows how.

So, step by step:

  1. Create a visualization on one of your datacards
  2. Select another collection in the collection picker
  3. Look for the tag where the values are the same as the titles of the datacards in this collection. Here we looked for the 'Planet' tag, because we want to show the moons of each planet on the planet datacards.
  4. Click on 'Match current page', or just click on the value you want ('Jupiter', in this case)
  5. After saving the page, refresh another page in the collection. As you can see in the video, the Earth datacard now shows the Earth's moon instead of Jupiter's moons. Neat right?