Automatic Google Sheet Sync

With Google Sheet Sync, you can keep a Google Sheets connected to a datacard collection on your Silk. If you change a value on your Google Sheet, it will automatically be updated on your Silk, too.

Note that this is a one-way sync: it only works for changing something in your Sheet and have it reflect in your Silk. You can’t edit the values on your Silk when they are synced with your Google Sheet.

Step 1: Connect your Google account to Silk

In your dashboard, select ‘Google Sheet’ in the ‘New collection’ section.

Click the ‘Authorize’ button.

Give Silk permission to access your Google account.

Step 2: Select a Sheet from your list

Next you can select your Sheet from a list of Sheets in your account.

Step 3: Adjust the importer settings and import

Next, adjust the importer settings like a regular Silk import, and hit import.

Step 4: Set the imported Sheet to Sync

After the import is done, you can set the actual sync.

Step 5: Enjoy your freshly synced datacard collection!

Your datacard collection will now be synced every hour. To manually sync or disconnect the sync, click the Google Drive icon next to the collection name in your dashboard.


Please note the following:

  • Syncing a collection of datacards locks the information on the cards on your Silk. You can move elements around and add pinned visualizations, but you can’t manually add new content to the datacards.You can only do so through your Sheet.
  • Using formulas and other tools can quickly fill up your Google Sheet. Please note that Silk has a default datacard limit of 3000 datacards per Silk.

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