Add content to pages

To add content to your home page or another page, click the ‘edit’ button. Now click one of the ‘+’ buttons and pick one of the content blocks. You can add text, images, embed media, and upload files. 

Once placed, the icons next to the visualizations offer more options:

  • You can remove a content block while editing a page with the ‘x’ icon next to it.
  • You can move a content block around a page with the ‘move’ (✥) icon.
  • You can cut a content block to your clipboard with the ‘scissor’ (✄) icon.

Adding text

To add text to your Silk’s home page or other page, edit the page, click the + icon, and select ‘Text’.

Just select any part of the text to bring up the editor. Select any of the options to format your text.

  • Make text bold and italic with the respective icons
  • Click the link icon to quickly link to other pages in your Silk, or link to external websites. Silk suggests links as you start typing.
  • Click the Aligment button to change the paragraph aligment to justified, centered, right or left.
  • Click the Header button to cycle through different levels of headers for the paragraph
  • Use the code block to display code, poetry or movie scripts
  • Use the block quote option for eye-catching quotations
  • Change the paragraph into a bullet or numbered list with the list icon

Adding an image

Drag and drop an image from your Windows' explorer or Mac’s finder on the image component to upload it. You can also browse for the image by clicking the image component. After you upload the image, you can adjust its size and show or hide the tag of the image. 

Embedding media

If you have a link to a video from Youtube or Vimeo you can paste it here to embed the video on the page. This also works with other media like audio, slideshows, and more.

Upload files

You can also upload a file under 10 MB to your Silk site. We do have a fair use policy: Silk is not intended to be used as a file host. It’s intented for the occasional small file upload.